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    Fireplace Hearth Replacement

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    Restructuring Fireplace: Wood to Gas

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    3-sided fireplace: Cultured Stone

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    Chimney Repair, Articulated Boom

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    Chimney Flue Replacement

    Concrete Chimney Cap as per Building Code

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    Chimney - Wobbly Chimney

    Brick Pillar

    Brick Garage Pillar Repair

    Window's Lintel Installation

    Brick Sill Creates Wall Damage

    Brick-to-Stone Window Sill Replacement

    Brick Retaining Wall Rebuild

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    Stone Wall Rebuild

    Granite Resurfacing of Concrete Stairs

    Stone Step Rebuild

    Stone Stair Rebuild - in Winter

    Stone replaces Brick Door Sill

    Stone Retaining Wall Rebuild

    Dry-Stack Retaining Wall Rebuild

    Dry-Stack Stone Retaining Wall

    Flagstone Patio Rebuild, Expansion

    FlagStone Step Repair

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    Re-setting Interlocking Walkway

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    Concrete Stairs and Landing

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    Case Study: TV Mount and Stone Fireplace Build

        Before and After


The Assignment:
    Remove old paneling, old brick.
    Frame new shape for wood-burning fireplace.
    Install stone surround, and mount pivoting TV brackets.

The house was built in the 60`s, with paneling and brick for a fireplace surround.

Demolition, Done Cleanly
The floor is covered with a thick canvas dropsheet, moving blankets, and a tarp.
The paneling is removed, along with drywall behind it, leaving framing.

Brick Removal
The bricks are being removed.
Notice the poorer quality blockwork being exposed, compared to the good work up top.


Lintel Removed
the brick fireplace required a lintel to bridge the hearth.
Here it is being exposed, before removal.
Around the hearth we're using steel studs, and elsewhere wood to frame the wall
You can see extra framing where we'll later mount the big-screen TV.
Cement Board Installed
Attached with nearly 100 special screws, the cement board is attached.
The Brick, now at the Trail Road Dump
The fireplace's old brick now a mini-mountain at the Dump.
RealStone, Sierra Shadowstone
This is real stone, cut into pieces ranging from .5 - 1.5 inches thick, in a range of colour.

The mount for the TV is set among the stone, in an area where no stone are placed.
Some stone has been set aside for a future renovation so that this mount can be removed.

The Wall Edge
We run the stones right up to the drywall, butting into the wall.

Some clients prefer to use a quarter round, or other means, to hide this seam.

Done, TV Installed
The grill has been replaced, the TV mounted.
The client is happy.

"We contracted John to update our fireplace with a RealStone product. In an extremly clean, timely and professional manner, John completely tore down the existing brick and wood veneer structure, reframed the structure, measured and added TV supports and then boarded up and applied the stone product. John's experience showed in knowing what was needed and how to do it, resulting in a fireplace we are extremely happy with."

Sharon and John


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